My experiences in the artistic, educational, and non-profit sectors position me to be uniquely qualified as the ultimate visionary leader the theater industry will need as we exit the Covid-19 pandemic and enter a new era of equity, inclusivity, and authentic community investment.

I have had the privilege of working for and with a variety of non-profit organizations, in and out of the arts. In my current position with Jewfolk, Inc., I am the lead staffer for our social media management & consulting arm. I work with longterm clients including jGirls Magazine and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC).


jGirls, an online publication by and for self-identifying Jewish teen girls poses very different challenges than the JCRC, which is the public relations voice of the Jewish community in that region. I have worked meticulously with leadership at these organizations to craft strategies, design aesthetics, and organizational voices that will best connect their audiences to their missions. Scroll down to peruse some representative graphics from each organization.

In addition to my social media & graphic design work, I am also involved with fundraising and corporate sponsorship acquisition and implementation. Jewfolk's inaugural fundraiser (a digital "stay-cation) brought in ~$25,000 in October. I also recruited and manage a portfolio of corporate sponsors totaling $10,500.

To read more about LeaderFolk, the podcast that I developed and host on the Jewfolk Podcast Network, please click here!


Design Portfolio

jGirls Teen Editorial Board Application Ads

These graphics were used in a paid social media campaign during jGirls teen editorial board recruitment in Spring 2020. With a modest budget, my ads had an average reach of >25,000 users and contributed to a significant increase in applicants over the previous year. 14% of our applicants reported finding out about the opportunity from social media!

J•Cation Event Cards

JCation Program Graphics - Headshot Temp
JCation Program Graphics - Headshot Temp
I designed the marketing materials for J•Cation, Jewfolk's first ever fundraiser. This 24-hour, virtual "staycation" raised over $25,000 in support of Jewish community engagement and enrichment, a huge accomplishment given the myriad obstacles of 2020. As part of the event, I had the honor and opportunity to interview Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota for a special episode of "The Jews Are Tired." Also, check out my interview with Avi Aharoni, writer and star of Operation: Immigration.

JCRC's The Letters Project

I created these graphics for JCRC's Letters Project, a letter-writing contest based on Yossi Klein Halevi's book Letters to my Palestinian Neighbor. Graphics from this suite have been used not only on JCRC's social media channels, but also shared as part of a Social Media Kit to encourage cooperative marketing with our partner organizations.