Photo by Steve Wagner. At the Bottom, Hope at Cleveland Public Theatre’s Pandemonium 2017: Unleash.


As a                                       , I have explored many mediums.


Most recently, I've been writing theatre and film reviews for TC Jewfolk. I also wrote a piece revisiting the Torah portion from my bat mitzvah in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jew Review: Operation: Immigration

Jew Review: Jojo Rabbit

Jew Review: Up There

Jew Review: Operation: Immigration at MJTC

Determining Our Own Reunification Rituals

In 2017, my playwriting was featured in Cleveland Public Theatre's annual Pandemonium gala. The immersive piece, At the Bottom, Hope, invited party guests into a sumptuous and heady atmosphere as I dared them to unleash the contents of Pandora's boxes.


During my semester abroad, I kept in touch with friends and family through my blog, Sara in London. There you can find travel (mis)adventures, bite-sized theatre reviews, and a log of some of my more interesting days as a student at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

My writing and copy editing skills have also been put to work on numerous occasions for documents ranging from website content to advertising copy to student handbooks to newsletters and the like. For inquiries about freelance writing, content creation, or copy editing, click here!

After a long day in London